Enfants d’Israel Dans le Desert depuis leur sortie d’Egypte Pieter Mortier Print

Voyages des Enfants d’Israel Dans le Desert depuis leur sortie d’Egypte Par le Mare Rouges Iusques au Pays de Canaan.

By: Pieter Mortier

Date: 1725 (Published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 16.1 x 18.9 inches (488 mm x 417 mm)

This elegant map illustrates the flight of the Children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land including their wanderings in the desert of what is now Arabia.

We see the group congregated, ready to leave from Remeses in the land of Goshen. From there they moved in a southerly direction toward the Red Sea, camping at Etham, described as being at the edge of the wilderness. From Etham they made their way to Pihachiroth. It was from this encampment that they crossed the Red Sea.

Once across the sea, the route of their wanderings and their numerous encampments are drawn, some in fine detail. At the center of the map is a prominent Mount Sinai, with the Jordan River and the Dead Sea in the upper left quadrant.

The lower right quadrant features a graphic depiction of the closing of the Dead Sea over the pursuing Egyptians, with the Israelites safe on the opposite shore, looking down on the gruesome spectacle as soldiers, Pharaoh and all his charioteers drown when the waters close over them.

Embellishing the upper right quadrant is a detailed figural title cartouche featuring the Israelites sowing and harvesting, as they must have done during the long years of their wandering.

Covens & Mortier (1721-1866) were publishers of maps of the eighteenth century. The company was founded by Johannes Covens I (1697-1774) and Cornelis Mortier (1699-1783), located in Amsterdam. Condition: This map is in A condition. Minor foxing with even toning.

Condition: This map is in good condition, mounted on a sheet of paper, some wear on the upper margin

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